Emerging Perspectives is a consulting group that works with individuals and organizations to create innovative solutions through evaluation, program development, and strategic planning.

Our approach, cultivated through years of experience in academia and working with clients, combines brain science, reflective practice, and creative collaboration to help clients move successfully toward their desired outcomes.

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Program Development

From strategic planning to implementation, we work through participatory processes to maximize impact while taking into account the voices of clients, staff, and other stakeholders.


We use data of all kinds to assess the environment, understand impact, and guide decision making while building  our clients’ capacity for evaluative sense-making.

Team Building

Organizations are built on relationships. We customize workshops to enhance staff engagement and leadership skills while building the capacity for organizational flexibility.


We use tailored techniques to craft experiences that engage all participants in idea generation, build clarity, and align actionable next steps with desired outcomes.

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Emerging Perspectives provided such a useful model for applications across so many different fields. This process really resonated with me. It gives me hope and makes me want to take action.
– Nichol (Navigating the Now Workshop)

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