We offer customized approaches that include:

Assessment and Evaluation­ – Evaluation can be used to answer a question, tell a story, and illuminate pathways forward. We collect and make use of data from multiple sources to describe environments, elicit the wants and needs of stakeholders, and guide strategic action.

Our services include:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Methods: Combining surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other data collection techniques to assess needs, opportunities, and impact
  • Developmental Evaluation: Using data to navigate complex and emerging projects as decisions are made
  • Appreciative Inquiry: Approaching questions and sense-making through a strengths-based focus

Strategic Visioning and Planning – A strategic plan provides a map toward a vision of the future, while also guiding day-to-day decision making in a complex and unpredictable world. We work with teams and organizations to create aspirational, implementable, and flexible plans by articulating core values and vision, defining goals and objectives, and outlining strategies.

Our services include:

  • Vision and Principles-Based Planning: Aligning strategies with purpose and vision to create flexible, adaptable, and actionable plans for complex times
  • Relational Coordination: Highlighting and strengthening relationships and communication for effective work outcomes
  • Systems-Based Approaches: Optimizes planning through understanding of self and others and the influence of systems and relationships on outcomes

Meeting Facilitation ­– Meetings can be fun and functional. Our facilitation strategies are grounded in science and rooted in relationships in order to maximize creativity, invite all perspectives, and align outcomes with goals. 

Our services include:

  • An approach based in Complexity and Brain Science: Optimizing relationships and planning through understanding of self and others and the influence of systems and relationships on outcomes
  • Liberating Structures: Tools and processes for enriching collaborative engagement and creativity in planning and decision-making
  • Reflective Practices and Tools: Broadening personal and group awareness and understanding to expand perspectives on relationships, projects, systems, and what matters most
  • Generous Listening and Experienced Meaning Making: Generating insights and illuminating possibilities while honoring and respecting individual voices

We work with individuals and teams in a variety of formats. Depending on the situation, we work in-person or via telephone or web-based meetings.

Research ­– Understanding the current environment in which an organization operates is essential for moving forward. We research topics and issues to create short briefs, white papers, and reports that are concise and relatable.

Our services include:

  • Survey development to help obtain the information needed to help you move forward
  • Environmental scans and needs assessments/asset mapping to improve your understanding of the current landscape
  • Literature reviews to inform up-to-date decision making

Writing & Editing – Written communication can be used to inform and connect. We create newsletters, blogs, and reports to enhance connection and provide information in an engaging and useful manner.

Our services include:

  • Concise, easy to read reports
  • Newsletters, blogs, or other correspondence to keep your teams and stakeholders informed

When you work with us you can expect:

Insights and new possibilities for taking action
Clarity, collaboration, and actionable next steps
An approach grounded in scientific practice and rooted in relationships
Expertise and experience that can be applied to a wide range of projects

The Sobering Center hired Emerging Perspectives to facilitate our comprehensive strategic planning process – from engaging stakeholders all the way through drafting the plan and presenting for board approval. Robin and Jennifer did an outstanding job of what I call ‘pulling things out of our brain’ and synthesizing them into clear concepts and operational goals that were realistic and measurable. Our board and staff felt they were professional, prepared, responsive, engaged and engaging. We would highly recommend their work and love to work with them again!

– Executive Director, The Sobering Center