Creating space for new ideas to emerge.

With a method inspired by scientific practice and rooted in relationships, we help you generate insights, illuminate possibilities, and move toward action.

Emerging Perspectives is a consulting group that works with individuals and organizations to create innovative solutions through evaluation, program development, and strategic planning.

No matter what opportunity or obstacle you’re facing, we’ll create a dynamic and generative experience to help you gain clarity, perspective, and a plan for action. Through a process of openness, curiosity, and imagination, we’ll work together to identify outcomes, define goals, and chart the path ahead. Our work is highly collaborative, meaning we invite and encourage all perspectives. In this space, insights, shared understanding, and innovative ideas can emerge.

We’ve worked with organizations and individuals from many fields, and all of our clients have one thing in common: they’re dedicated to their vision and open to exploring new ways of taking action.

Meet our team

Emerging Perspectives is composed of Jennifer Bloom Greenberg, SM, Robin Atwood, EdD, and Tara Ray, MA. We have over 60 years in collective experience working in public health and wellness, organizational development, and evaluation.

Our team is:

Jennifer Bloom Greenberg

Master’s of Science in Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health
B.A. in English, Yale University

Jennifer Bloom Greenberg has over 20 years of experience working with organizations and initiatives to design, implement, and evaluate programs and strategic plans. She is a skilled facilitator who crafts conversations and processes to inspire innovative thinking and approaches to planning within organizations and communities. Jennifer loves to weave the intellectual and creative worlds together to inform one another. Her work integrates her contemplative and poetry practices as well as her continued studies through The Neuroleadership Institute, The Mindsight Institute, and Prosocial World. She considers her role to be that of meaning maker and sacred space holder, whether she is designing a program evaluation, facilitating a retreat, or engaged in a writing project. 

“I aspire to stay connected with myself and others in an open and authentic way. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about acknowledging and accepting that the way we relate to ourselves–whether allowing or judging, open-hearted or closed off, trusting or doubting–affects every relationship we have and all the work we do.”

Robin Atwood

Doctor of Education in Health Education/Health Promotion, University of Texas at Austin
Master’s of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Arizona
Certified Project Management Professional
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Robin Atwood, EdD, PMP, sees change as opportunity. She works with teams and organizations to enhance decision-making and planning with a focus on purpose, process and relationships. She is passionate about wellness, both physical and emotional, and merges her background in public health, health promotion, worksite wellness and her expertise in project management to help teams align their purpose and goals. After spending over twenty years at the University of Texas at Austin as a Research Assistant Professor and Program Director, Dr. Atwood brings extensive experience in program management, strategic planning, and staff development. Robin also has a strong evaluation background, which she uses to build evaluative capacity to help prompt new insights and guide innovative directions of practice. Robin uses practical skills and techniques to help generate new conversations, cultural shifts and new ways of working and living. She gathers inspiration and creates space for ‘aha’ moments while out running in beautiful Austin, Texas.

“I believe that organizations are made up of relationships, and that trust, transparency, open communication, and reflection align to create success in our personal and work lives.”

Tara Ray

Master’s of Arts in Health Promotion and Health Education from the University of Texas at Austin
B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin
Certified Health Education Specialist

Tara Ray has extensive experience working in program evaluation and public health promotion, primarily with low-income and vulnerable populations. She has interwoven her love of language with her interest in improving community health throughout her career.

“At the end of the day, I think we all want to make a difference. We want our efforts and ideas to be seen and heard. We want our work, and our lives, to be meaningful and impactful. I hope to help individuals and organizations embrace changes they can feel good about.”

This needs to be taught to every person interested in building towards any overall goal.
–Andrew (Navigating the Now Workshop)